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Woohyun Shim


Research Fellow,
University of Trento

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Woohyun Shim
Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science, University of Trento


Via Sommarive 14, 38123, Povo (TN), Italy

Office: +39 0461 281593
Fax: +39 0461 283987

The central themes of my research are motivated by the challenges and opportunities generated by the dramatic developments of information and communication technologies (ICTs). My research has sought to encompass technical, managerial, and social components that can enrich and strengthen targeted research within the sub-domains of ICTs. Currently, I have two active projects going right now.

Security Economics

Security vulnerability is one of the major challenges caused by the developments of ICTs, and has been a vigorously researched field. I am applying an interdisciplinary approach which encompasses management, behavioral sciences and economics, to problems of cyber security. The followings are my research interests in security.

o    Interdependent Security Risks

o    Misaligned Incentives

o    Information Vulnerabilities

o    Infrastructure Vulnerabilities


Regulation and Innovation in Telecommunications

ICTs have strong positive effects on productivity growth and innovation. Creating conditions that foster innovation has therefore become a central matter of policy-makers and regulators. In the highly interconnected ICT ecosystem, two aspects of innovation are of particular interest. ICT sector itself has a considerable innovation record and future innovation potential. Sector regulation affects the speed with which this innovation potential is brought to the market and direction of innovation efforts. Second, ICT is a platform technology that is used by a broad range of other industries. The ability to innovate of firms in these industries is critically dependent on the availability of advanced ICT infrastructure. Whether and how regulation of telecommunications influences innovations in these related sectors or the economy overall is therefore a question that should be taken into account.