RelBAC: Relation Based Access Control

Goal The key idea, which differentiates RelBAC from the state of the art, e.g., Role Based Access Control (RBAC), is that permissions are modeled as relations between users and data, while access control rules are their instantiations on specific sets of users and objects. As consequence RelBAC can easily model problem difficult to express using RBAC.
Active Members Bruno Crispo, Fausto Giunchiglia
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Secure Pub/Sub Systems

Goal The goal of this research project is to provide security mechanisms for content-based publish/subscribe systems.
Active Members Bruno Crispo, Mihaela Ion, Giovanni Russello
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FloodGate: A Micropayment Incentivized P2P Content Delivery Network

Goal Floodgate is a research peer-to-peer architecture that aims at providing a scalable Content Delivery Network-like system by incentivising the peers to share their resources for monetary benefits.
Active Members Muhammad Rizwan Asghar, Bruno Crispo, Srijith Nair
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xESB: Security Enhanced Enterprise Service Bus

Goal xESB provides a group of security mechanisms into the enterprise messaging backbone, so that it can monitor and enforce intra and inter-domain usage control policies onto messsages, service invocations and service results.
Active Members Bruno Crispo, Gabriela Gheorghe
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