About Trento

With more than 100.000 inhabitants, Trento is a university city and hosts advanced research centres, besides renowned international cultural institutions.

The cultural and social life is enriched by many conferences, meetings, exhibitions, traditional costume festivals, typical markets, historical events, international festivals, theatrical, musical and dancing sessions. These events usually take place both in theatres and in the city centre.

Thanks to its wide range of cultural offers, the city of Trento is considered an active centre, keeping a strong bond with traditions at the same time. The different services thought for the citizens make Trento one of the cities in which it is most pleasant to live, if compared to other Italian cities.

Because of its geographical position and its strong bond between man and mountain, Trento is often described as an alpine city. Trento also offers a wide range of activities, excursions and the chance to practice many sports. Not only; one can also visit Trentino castles, archaeological sites, sanctuaries and the wonderful lakes of the Dolomites.

Cost of living

  • University fees are different according to the study course you choose. For an undergraduate degree course ("Laurea triennale") fees go from 881,62 to 956,62 per year, whereas for a master course ("Laurea specialistica/magistrale") from 931,62 to 1006,62 per year;
  • Price per person/month for accommodation in Opera Universitaria lodgings:
    • 160,00 in a double-bedroom - 200,00 in single room
    • 210,00 in a double-bedroom - 250,00 in a single room
    • 265,00 in a double-bedroom - 305,00 in a single room: for post doc students.
  • For a place in a double bedroom in a private house: from 250,00 to 350,00/month + 150,00/month for the general expenses: water, electricity, heating, etc.;
  • For a mini flat for 1-2 people: from 500,00 to 800,00/month 250,00/month for the general expenses: water, electricity, heating, etc.;
  • For meals in a university cafeteria: approximately 200,00 euros/month (euros 4,00/meal, 3,50 for reduced meal);


It is highly recommended that you can count on an amount of 650,00/700,00 per month.

For further information about prices in Trento, please consult the Welcome Office web page

Handy links

Public offices

Agenzia del lavoro (work agency)
Azienda Provinciale per i Servizi Sanitari (Provincial health Services)- Trento District, tel. 0461 217111
ENEL (Electricity Company) - Trento company, tel. 0461 986391 / 800845062
Provincia Autonoma di Trento
Questura (Police headquarters) tel. 0461 899511
Regione Autonoma Trentino Alto Adige
Trentino Servizi (waterworks, sewage system, gas, rubbish collection) tel. 800847028/0461 362222
Trentino Spa (Trentino corporation)