The 1st Workshop on Edge Computing

WEC'16 will be held in Nara, the old capital of Japan, in conjunction with IEEE ICDCS 2016


In many aspects of human activity (e.g. governments and companies), there is a continuous struggle between the forces of centralization and decentralization. Computing exhibits the same phenomenon; from mainframes to PCs and local networks, and now back to centralized services in data centers and clouds. It is time for the balance to shift again.


We advocate for Edge-centric Computing as a novel paradigm that will push the frontier of computing applications, data, and services away from centralized nodes to the periphery ("the edge") of the network. On the one hand, the massive proliferation of personal computing devices is opening up new human-centered designs that blur the boundaries between man and machine. On the other hand, the absence of central coordination may reduce the loss of privacy caused by centralized models for online social networks, search engines, e-commerce sites, rating and recommendation services, and so on. Edge computing architectures may include purely decentralized systems, but also hybrid ones that leverage on centralized components or global information to achieve simpler system design, better data consistency, etc. This paradigm will retain core advantages of using clouds as a support infrastructure, but will put back the control and trust decisions to the edges and allow for novel, human-centered computing applications.


This workshop is a follow-up of the IEEE International Conference on P2P computing, whose last edition has been the one of 2015. The scope of the P2P conference was limited to peer-to-peer systems, while edge computing will encompass a larger audience: besides P2P, we expect papers from research fields related to topic like content delivery networks, decentralized social networks, decentralized cloud architectures. Edge computing extends fog computing by also considering the human in the loop.

To have a more complete vision of the area, please refer to the position paper that some of the members of the Program Committee have recently written, published on SIGCOMM CCR.

Location and dates
Paper SubmissionFebruary 21st, 2016
Notification of AcceptanceMarch 29th, 2016
Final Manuscript DueApril 28th, 2016
Workshop DateJune 27, 2016
Program Committee