IEEE International Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction:
Real-time vision aspects of natural user interfaces

November 7, 2011, Barcelona, Spain, in conjunction with ICCV 2011 .

Call for Papers
Call for Demos
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Call for Papers

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Papers describing high-quality original research in various areas of human-computer interaction are welcome. In light of the recent introduction of natural user interfaces as part of various consumer products, the intention is to give this year workshop a special focus on practical issues of designing HCI systems. Therefore, submissions related to the following topics will be particularly encouraged:


  • vision algorithms robust to light, occlusions, view point, etc.
  • increasing robustness by combining different sensors (e.g. multiple cameras, depth, infrared, inertial, audio)
  • evaluation and comparison of algorithms and systems

Real-time implementation:

  • efficient algorithms and implementation
  • implementation on embedded platforms: field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), programmable digital signal processors (DSPs), graphics processing units (GPUs), and various kinds of heterogeneous multiprocessor devices, etc.
  • performance analysis and comparison (e.g. latency, system power consumption, wireless and other device communication issues)

Other practical issues:

  • automatic adaptation to the user and environment (e.g. on-line learning, auto calibration)
  • design, performance analysis and comparison of human-computer interaction systems (Wizard of Oz and real-system HCI user studies)
  • novel applications and standardization
Selected workshop papers will be considered for a special issue of International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV).

Demos are also welcome. Latest information about the demos and how to submit your proposals is posted on the demos page.

Contact: zoran.z.zivkovic at gmail (dot com)