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Theses are organized as follows:

Months 1-3 (3 months): a probation period during which the performance of the student is evaluated. The student receives no financial support during the probation period. The student will be given a concrete thesis-related task to be completed during these three months. In case of a successful fulfillment of the assigned task, the student is given an extension (see below) to complete his/her thesis. The student leaves the group in case if he/she fails to deliver an acceptable result at the end of the probation period.

Months 4-8 (5 months): a period during which the main thesis work is done. At the end of this period, the thesis should be completed. The student is awarded a compensation of 4000 euro, amounting to 500 euro/month for the whole 8 month period. This amount will be payed as 800 euro/ month for the months 4-8 (5 months)

Months 9-12 (4 months): students who demonstrated top performance during the first eight months are offered an extension of four months, during which they will extend the work of their thesis in order to address more challenging problems and, therefore, to make their thesis stronger. During this period, the student will receive financial support in the amount of 800 euro per month.

After the extension, top students who are interested in building their career with us will be offered positions of scientific programmers or PhD students. This opportunity will be considered strictly on the individual basis taking into account the ability and preferences of each candidate.

Note that we cannot guarantee any accommodation. You should contact the Welcome Office about this issue.