Jan/Feb 2015 exam sessions

This page provides some information about the Computability exam sessions to be held in January and February 2015.

For the exact dates and rooms, see ESSE3.

Starting from the academic year 2014/15 the Computability course is no longer taught. I will still be in charge of the exams in the January and February sessions of 2015. Further sessions in that year will not be supervised by me.

In order to cope with the fact that the course is no longer taught, the format of the exam has been changed. The new format is more explicit than the old one regarding how the mark is computed: each written question will state how much points it is worth. Note that the syllabus is left unchanged: the exam will focus on the same topics as the old one.

As in 2014, the exam is made two parts: a mandatory written test, and an optional oral test. The written test awards at most 26 points. Only students having a written test mark >= 24 can ask to attend an optional oral exam, which can lower or raise the written test mark arbitrarily.

Students are still allowed to "reject" their marks on ESSE3, but rejecting the mark will no longer keep the mark as a "frozen" one -- rather, the mark will be lost immediately.

The written exam is split in two parts: a Preliminary test and an Exercises test. To pass the written test, it is required to obtain at least 6 points in the Preliminary part, and at least 18 points overall.

The Preliminary test comprises 10 multiple choice questions, to be answered in 40 minutes. These questions will be quick ones, and focus on the theory (statements and definitions, but not proofs) and very short exercises (i.e. exercises that can be solved instantly without writing anything). In this part, students are not asked to justify their answers. Scoring of the Preliminary part is computed as follows: +1 for an exact answer, -1 for a wrong one, 0 for missing or invalid answers. The score is then incremented once ("bonus" point).

The Exercises test is composed of two exercises, to be solved in 80 minutes. Students will have to justify their arguments in this part. Each exercise will state how many points it is worth.

Please have your ID with you during the exam. The written exam is a closed book exam.

The optional oral exam is performed as in 2014: see the old rules for that.

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