Computability (2013/14, Master of Science in Computer Science)


This page provides some information about the Computability course.

The syllabus can be found on the Esse3 page.


Here are my short notes for the course.

These are work in progress, and may be updated at any time until the very end of the course.

Office Hours (Ricevimento Studenti)

There is no fixed schedule for office hours. Rather:


Assignments will be given during the course. They are optional, anonymous, and do not affect the final score. Still, students are encouraged to submit their answers, so that they can be discussed during the tutoring activities.


A tutor will be available to help students in their studies. The tutor will mostly assist students in catching up with the course prerequisites.


Here you can find some questions from my previous exams. You will also find many questions answered here.

Exam Procedures

The final exam is essentially a closed book written test. I strongly suggest you check the detailed exam procedure below.

Exam Dates

Remember to register to the exam sessions on Esse3. Failure to do so results in the impossibility to take the exam. (In case of technical problems, send me an email before the registration period runs out).

WARNING: it is likely that another professor will be teaching Computability for the next academic year 2014/2015. If that happens, all frozen marks will be lost, as written in the exam rules. If you hold a frozen mark, the September session will be your last opportunity to use it.

Reminder: there will be NO other exam sessions beyond the mandated five per year. This is communicated to students every year during the first lecture.

I will try my best to avoid changing the exam dates so that students can plan everything in advance (e.g. buying plane tickets). Because of this, I can not move exam dates, even in the unfortunate event that they overlap with, or are very near to, other exams. Please also understand that the current system does not allow me to predict overlaps: I can only discover them once they are published on Esse3, and by that time it is too late.


The students wishing to improve their understanding of mathematical proofs are referred to the following basic logic and set theory books:

Computability references and textbooks:

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