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EL<sup>+</sup>SAT (cade-22 edition)

EL+SAT (CADE-22 edition)

EL+SAT is an automated-reasoning tool for concept subsumption and axiom pinpointing in Description logic EL+ based on Horn-SAT encoding, Conflict Analysis and ALL-SMT technology, which is described in the paper: A tarball containing the linux executables (32-bit or 64-bit) of EL+SAT plus some data is available here: Notice that the tarballs contain a modified version of the code of the Minisat 2.0. SAT solver.

A tarball containing the data of the empirical evaluation performed for our CADE-22 paper is available at this link:

The ontologies not-GALEN, full-GALEN, NCI, GENEONTOLOGY which have been used in the empirical evaluation of this paper can be downloaded at this link. The SNOMED ontology was gently provided to us by IHTSDO under a non-disclosure agreement, so that we are not authorized to make it available. Whoever is willing to obtain an academic licence must ask to IHTSDO, as we did.
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