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The following papers provide the theoretical background and discuss the results of the first experiments which form the basis of the SP2P system:

I. Zaihrayeu, "Towards Peer-to-Peer Information Management Systems",University of Trento (Italy), March 2006 [presentation].

Fausto Giunchiglia, Ilya Zaihrayeu,"Making peer databases interact -a vision for an architecture supporting data coordination", in the 6th International Workshop on Cooperative Information Agen(CIA2002,Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain, September 18 -20, 2002

P. Bernstein, F. Giunchiglia, A. Kementsietsidis, J. Mylopoulos, L.Serafini, and I. Zaihrayeu, "Data Management for Peer-to-Peer Computing: A Vision", in proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on the Web and Databases (WebDB 2002), Madison, Wisconsin, June 6-7, 2002

Contact: Ilya Zaihrayeu (component manager)