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Research Projects

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SIP-Msg-Gen : SIP Message Generator

Performance evaluation of our SIP Malformed Message Detection system relies on large scale of SIP traces (individual SIP request/response messages engaged in a session). But reliable real world VoIP traces are not always available as VoIP providers are not willing to distribute their data due to user privacy agreements. Moreover, VoIP traces with attack information are not so frequent. Considering this situation, we developed a Synthetic generator 'SIP-Msg-Gen' for generating SIP traces.

'SIP-Msg-Gen' is a synthetic SIP message generator which is capable of generating SIP messages for evaluating the performance of SIP-Parser and SIP malformed detection system. The generator generates SIP malformed messages following SIP torture test messages defined in RFC 4475. 'SIP-Msg-Gen' is capable of generating well-formed SIP messages following SIP grammar defined in RFC 3261. The synthetic generator is able to generate following malformed scenarios:

  1. Scenario : Error in Request line.
  2. Scenario : Syntax error in one mandatory header field.
  3. Scenario : Syntax error in multiple mandatory header field.
  4. Scenario : Syntax error in optional header field.
  5. Scenario : Syntax error in message body.
  6. Scenario : Missing mandatory header field.
  7. Scenario : Duplicate entry for unique header field.
  8. Scenario : Presence of unknown header field.
  9. Scenario : Missing empty line after header fields.
  10. Scenario : Presence of garbage string/invalid character in message.
  11. Scenario : Hierarchical disorder of message structure.
  12. Scenario : Negative value for mandatory field 'CSeq' or 'Max-Forward'.
  13. Scenario : Invalid method name.
  14. Scenario : Injected SQL code with the aim of gaining unauthorized access.

Download & Install 'SIP-Msg-Gen'

'SIP-Msg-Gen' can be downloaded from SIP_Message_Generator.tar.gz

Run SIP-Gen

After downloading 'SIP-Msg-Gen', users need to untar it.

  1. Set PATH variable - export PATH=$PATH:"Location of the .jar file"
  2. java -jar SIP Malformed Msg Generator.jar
  3. Output file: SIP_MSG.txt