I am hiring!

I have a 2 year post-doctoral position in Security and Privacy and a position as a scientific programmer. To apply, send me an e-mail with your CV and a research statement.

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Current students

Past students

  • Yury Zhauniarovich
    Title dissertation Improving the security of the Android ecosystem (awarded 2014), now researcher at University of Trento
  • Muhammad Rizwan Asghar
    Title dissertation "Privacy Preserving Enforcement of Sensitive Policies in Outsourced and Distributed Environments", (awarded 2013, co-advised with Giovanno Russello), now lecturer at University of Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Mihaela Ion
    Title dissertation "Security of Publisher/Subscriber Systems", (awarded 2013 co-advised with Giovanno Russello), now researcher at Google.
  • Stefano Ortolani
    Title dissertation "Keylogger Detection and Containment", (awarded 2013), now security researcher at Lastline Inc.
  • Gabriela Gheorghe
    Title dissertation "Design and Assessment of Preventive and Reactive Policy Enforcement", (awarded 2012), now postdoc at the University of Luxemburg.
  • Fatih Turkmen
    Title dissertation "Exploring Dynamic Constraint Enforcement and Efficiency in Access Control" (awarded 2012), now postdoc at TU Eindoven, The Nederlands.
  • Srijith Nair
    Title dissertation "Remote Policy Enforcement Using Java Virtual Machine" (awarded 2010, co-advised with A.S. Tanenbaum), now Director of Developer Relations at Axiomatics AB.
  • Melanie Rieback
    Title dissertation "Security and Privacy of Radio Frequency Identification", (awarded 2008, co-advised with A.S. Tanenbaum): now at Radically open Security.
  • Bogdan Popescu
    Title dissertation "Design and Implementation of a Secure Wide-Area Object Middleware", (awarded. 2006 co-advised with A.S. Tanenbaum): now Senior Quant Developer at Cardano, NL
  • Pietro Mazzoleni
    Title dissertation "Multilateral fine grained access control mechanisms for Large Scale Distributed Systems", (awarded 2006, co-advised with Elisa Bertino): now a researcher at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center