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Papers published in International Journals ^

  • Pezzelle, S., Bernardi, R., Piazza, M. Probing the Mental Representation of Quantifiers. Cognition, volume 181, December 2018, Pages 117-126 DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cognition.2018.08.009 [Paper]
  • Ionut Sorodoc, Sandro Pezzelle, Aurélie Herbelot, Mariella Dimiccoli, Raffaella Bernardi. Learning quantification from images: A structured neural architecture Journal of Natural Language Engineering (JNLE) Special Issue on Closing the Gap between Language and Vision, Vol. 24.3, May 2018. DOI:10.1017/S1351324918000128 [ArXiv version]
  • G. Kruszewski, D. Paperno, R. Bernardi and M. Baroni. There is no logical negation here, but there are alternatives: modeling conversational negation with distributional semantics, In Computational Linguisitcs, Vol 42, N. 4 December 2016. [Dataset]
  • Raffaella Bernardi, Ruket Cakici, Desmond Elliott, Aykut Erdem, Erkut Erdem, Nazli Ikizler-Cinbis, Frank Keller, Adrian Muscat and Barbara Plank Automatic Description Generation from Images: A Survey of Models, Datasets, and Evaluation Measures JAIR (Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research). Vol. 55, 2016. DOI:10.1613/jair.4900
  • L. Bentivogli, R. Bernardi, M. Marelli, S. Menini, M. Baroni, R. Zamparelli SICK Through the SemEval Glasses. Lesson learned from the evaluation of compositional distributional semantic models on full sentences through semantic relatedness and textual entailment In Language Resources and Evaluation. Vol 50, Nr. 1, 95--124, 2016. DOI: 10.1007/s10579-015-9332-5
  • Marco Baroni, Raffaella Bernardi and Roberto Zamparelli. Frege in space: A program for compositional distributional semantics. In the special issue on Perspectives on Semantic Representations for Textual Inference of LiLT. Volume 9, pp 241-346, (2014). ISSN: 1945-3604.
  • Raffaella Bernardi and Michael Moortgat Continuation semantics for the Lambek-Grishin calculus In Information and Computation, Volume 208, Issue 5, May 2010, Pages 397-416 Special Issue: 14th Workshop on Logic, Language, Information and Computation (WoLLIC 2007). Published Online at DOI: 10.1016/j.ic.2009.11.005 [Paper (revised July 2009)]
  • Raffaella Bernardi and Anna Szabolcsi Optionality, Scope, and Licensing: An Application of Partially Ordered Categories. JoLLI ("Journal of Logic, Language and Information"). Available at Springer's web site, Vol. 17, nr. 3, Summer 2008
  • R. Bernardi, P. Dongilli, M. Girardi, D. Gobbetti Mivas Project. Inferential Methods for the Evaluation of the School System In CADMO. Giornale Italiano di Pedagogia sperimentale. An International Journal of Educational Research. Tempus Trast. Soluzioni in rete per la formazione degli insegnanti. (ed) Gabriella Agrusti. Franco Angeli. Anno XV, 1, 2007
  • C. Areces and R. Bernardi, Analyzing the Core of Categorial Grammar. Journal of Logic, Language and Information (JoLLI).13 (2): 121-137, Spring 2004. [Paper]
  • R. Bernardi and R. Moot, Generalized Quantifiers in declarative and interrogative sentences. In J. Bos and M. Kohlhase (eds.) Logic Journal of IGPL Vol. 11, N. 4, 2003. [Paper].
  • C. Areces, R. Bernardi, M. Moortgat, Galois Connections in Categorial Type Logic. In Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science 53 (2003). [paper]

Chapters of Books ^

  • Raffaella Bernardi, Distributional Semantics: A Montagovian view. In Categories and Types in Logic, Language, and Physics, Casadio, C., Coecke, B., Moortgat, M., Scott, P. (Eds.). Volume 8222 of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science series. ISBN 978-3-642-54788-1
  • Camilo Thorne, Raffaella Bernardi, Diego Calvanese Designing Efficient Controlled Languages for Ontologies. In "Computing Meaning", H. Bunt and J. Bos and S. Pulman (eds). Vol 47. 2014. [Paper] E-book
  • Raffaella Bernardi and D-T. Le Metadata Enrichment via Topic Models for Author Name Disambiguation In "Advanced Language Technologies for Digital Libraries". R. Bernardi, S. Chambers, B. Gottfried, F. Segond, I. Zaihrayeu (eds.) LNCS 6699, 2011 Online version
  • Raffaella Bernardi Scope Ambiguities through the mirror In M. Everaert, T. Lentz, De Mulder, H., Ø. Nilsen and A. Zondervan (eds.) The Linguistics Enterprise: from knowledge of language to knowledge in linguistics. John Bejamins Publishing Company. vol 150, 2010. [Draft]; lingBuzz/000890
  • Tamburini F., Seidenari C., Bolognesi A., Bernardi R. (2008). Italian Lexical-Classes Definition Using Automatic Methods. In Rossini Favretti R. (ed.), Frames, Corpora and Knowledge Representation, Bologna: Bononia University Press, 95-120.[paper]
  • Bernardi R., Bolognesi A., Seidenari C., Tamburini F. (2008). Learning an Italian Categorial Grammar. In Rossini Favretti R. (ed.), Frames, Corpora and Knowledge Representation, Bologna: Bononia University Press, 185-200.[paper]

Papers published in Workshops/Conferences Proceedings ^

  • Ravi Shekhar, Aashish Venkatesh, Tim Baumgärtner, Elia Bruni, Barbara Plank, Raffaella Bernardi and Raquel Fernández Beyond task success: A closer look at jointly learning to see, ask, and GuessWhat NAACL 2019 [Paper]Code available from our vista-unitn-uva github page
  • Ravi Shekhar, Ece Takmaz, Raquel Fernández and Raffaella Bernardi Evaluating the Representational Hub of Language and Vision Models[Paper]

  • Laura Aina, Raffaella Bernardi and Raquel Fernández A distributional study of negated adjectives and antonyms CLIC-it 2018 [Paper]
  • Ravi Shekhar, Tim Baumgärtner, Aashish Venkatesh, Elia Bruni, Raffaella Bernardi and Raquel Fernandez Ask No More: Deciding when to guess in referential visual dialogue In Proceedings of COLING 2018, 20-26 August, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA [Paper]. Code available from our vista-unitn-uva github page
  • Hoa Vu, Claudio Greco, Aliia Erofeeva, Somayeh Jafaritazehjan, Guido Linders, Marc Tanti, Alberto Testoni, Raffaella Bernardi and Albert Gatt Grounded Textual Entailment In Proceedings of COLING 2018, 20-26 August, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA [Paper] Code and dataset
  • Pezzelle, S., Steinert-Threlkeld, S., Bernardi, R., Szymanik, J. Some of them can Be Guessed! Exploring the Effect of Linguistic Context in Predicting Quantifiers, ACL 2018. [Paper]
  • Sandro Pezzelle, Ionut-Teodor Sorodoc and Raffaella BernardiComparative, Quantifiers, Propositions: A Multi-Task Model for the Learning of Quantities from Vision NAACL 2018. [Paper.] Data and code available from our quantit-clic github page

  • Ravi Shekhar, Sandro Pezzelle, Aurelie Herbelot, Moin Nabi, Enver Sangineto and Raffaella Bernardi. Vision and Language Integration: Moving beyond Objects. Short paper at IWCS 2017 [Paper], [Dataset]
  • D. Addison Smith, Sandro Pezzelle, Francesca Franzon, Chiara Zanini and Raffaella Bernardi. Can You See the (Linguistic) Difference? Exploring Mass/Count Distinction in Vision Short paper at IWCS 2017 [Papaer]
  • Shekhar, Ravi; Pezzelle, Sandro; Klimovich, Yauhen; Herbelot, Aurelie; Nabi, Moin; Sangineto, Enver; Bernardi, Raffaella FOIL it! Find One mismatch between Image and Language caption. Long Paper at ACL 2017.[], [Dataset]
  • Sandro Pezzelle, Marco Marelli and Raffaella Bernardi, Be Precise or Fuzzy: Learning the Meaning of Cardinals and Quantifiers from Vision. Short Paper at EACL 2017. [Paper]

  • D. Paperno, G. Kruszewski, A. Lazaridou, Q Pham, R. Bernardi, S. Pezzelle, M. Baroni, G. Boleda and R. Fernandez. The LAMBADA dataset: Word prediction requiring a broad discourse context.Proceedings of ACL 2016 (54th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics), East Stroudsburg PA: ACL. [Paper] The LAMBADA page, with the dataset.
  • Ionut Sorodoc, Angeliki Lazaridou, Gemma Boleda, Aurélie Herbelot, Sandro Pezzelle and Raffaella Bernardi, ``Look, some green circles!'': Learning to quantify from images In Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Vision and Language, pages 75–79, Berlin, Germany, August 12 2016. Association for Computational Linguistics. [Paper]
  • Sandro Pezzelle, Ravi Shekhar and Raffaella Bernardi Building a bagpipe with a bag and a pipe: Exploring Conceptual Combination in Vision In Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Vision and Language, pages 60–64, Berlin, Germany, August 12 2016. Association for Computational Linguistics. [Paper]

  • A. Lazaridou, D. Tien Nguyen, R. Bernardi, M. Baroni Unveiling the Dreams of Word Embeddings: Towards Language-Driven Image GenerationMultimodal Machine Learning NIPS 2015 Workshop [paper]
  • R. Bernardi, G. Boleda, R. Fernandez and D. Paperno. Distributional semantics in use. Proceedings of LSD 2015 (First Workshop on Linking Computational Models of Lexical, Sentential and Discourse-level Semantics), East Stroudsburg PA: ACL, 95-101, 2015. [Paper]

  • M.Hurlimann, R. Bernardi, D. Paperno Nominal Coercion in Space: Mass/Count Nouns and Distributional Semantics CLIC-IT, 2014 [Paper]
  • Dieu-Thu Le, Jasper Uijlings, Raffaella Bernardi TUHOI: Trento Universal Human Object Interaction Dataset Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Vision and Language. Publisher: Dublin City University and the Association for Computational Linguistics. pp. 17-24, Dublin, 2014 [Paper ]
  • D. T. Nguyen, A. Lazaridou, R. Bernardi Coloring Objects: Adjective-Noun Visual Semantic Compositionality VL 2014, co-located with COLING 2014, Dublin, Publisher: Dublin City University and the Association for Computational Linguistics. pp.112-114 ISBN 978-1-873769-28-1[Paper]
  • M. Marelli, L. Bentivogli, M. Baroni, R. Bernardi, S. Menini, R. Zamparelli SemEval-2014 Task 1: Evaluation of Compositional Distributional Semantic Models on Full Sentences through Semantic Relatedness and Textual Entailment. In Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation Publisher: Association for Computational Linguistics and Dublin City University. pp: 1--8. August 2014, Dublin (Ireland).
  • M. Marelli, S. Menini, M. Baroni, L. Bentivogli, R. Bernardi and R. Zamparelli. A SICK cure for the evaluation of compositional distributional semantic models. Proceedings of LREC 2014, Reykjavik (Iceland): ELRA. [Paper]

  • Dieu-Thu Le, Jasper Uijlings and Raffaella Bernardi Exploiting language models for visual recognition EMNLP 2013 [Paper] [A HREF="./Datasets/89Action.zip">89 action Dataset
  • Paramita Mirza and Raffaella Bernardi CCG categories for Distributional Semantics Models. In Proceedings of the International Conference Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing RANLP 2013. September, 2013, Hissar, Bulgaria. Publisher: NCOMA Ltd. Shoumen, BULGARIA, pp. 467--474, [Paper]
  • Raffaella Bernardi, Georgiana Dinu, Marco Marelli and Marco Baroni. A relatedness benchmark to test the role of determiners in compositional distributional semantics. Proceedings of ACL 2013 (51st Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics), East Stroudsburg PA: ACL. pp 53-57/ The data set from this study. [Paper]
  • Dieu-Thu Le, Raffaella Bernardi, Jasper Uijlings, Exploiting language models to recognize actions in still images, ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval, Dallas, Texas, USA, 2013. [Paper]
  • Nghia Pham, Raffaella Bernardi, Yao Zhong Zhang, Marco Baroni Sentence paraphrase detection: When determiners and word order make the difference. IWCS-TFDS 2013 Workshop, March 19th 2013, Potsdam. [Paper]

  • D.T. Le and R. Bernardi Query classification using topic models and support vector machine. Student Research Workshop ACL 2012. [Paper].
  • M. Baroni, R. Bernardi, N. Do and C. Shan. Entailment above the word level in distributional semantics. Proceedings of EACL 2012 (13th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics), East Stroudsburg PA: Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL). pp: 23-32[Paper], [Data set]

  • Rahmad Mahendra, Lilian Wanzare, Raffaella Bernardi, Alberto Lavelli and Bernardo Magnini Acquiring Relational Patterns from Wikipedia: A Case Study. In the LTC 2011 (5th Language and Technology Conference) Proceeding, November 2011, Poland. [Paper]
  • D.T. Le, R. Bernardi, E. Vald Query classification via Topic Model for an art image archive . Language Technologies for Digital Humanities and Cultuaral Heritage, 15-16 September 2011, Bulgaria [Paper]

  • C. Barker, R. Bernardi, C. Shan Principles of interdimensional meaning interaction. In Proceedings of SALT 20 Vol. 20, pp.109-127, 2010.[Paper]
  • M. Kirschner and R. Bernardi Towards an Empirically Motivated Typology of Follow-up Questions: The Role of Dialogue Context. SIGdial10 [Paper]
  • R. Bernardi, M. Kirschner, Z. Ratckovic, Context Fusion: The role of Discourse Structure and Centering Theory LREC 2010, 2010 Malta. [Paper]

  • R. Bernardi, M. Balestrieri, A. Bosca, L. Dini, D. Gobbetti, e F. Segond CACAO System: An Overview. Proceedings of AT4DL 2009 (Advanced Technologies for Digital Libraries). [Paper]
  • R. Bernardi, D. Gobbetti, L. Siciliano Multilingual Access to Library Catalogues: Word Sense Disambiguation via Classification Systems. In Proceedings of ICSD 2009. [Paper]
  • M. Kirschner, R. Bernardi, M. Baroni and L. T. Dinh Analyzing Interactive QA Dialogues using Logistic Regression Models In Proceedings AI*IA 09. [Paper]
  • M. Kirschner and R. Bernardi Exploring Topic Continuation Follow-up Questions using Machine Learning NAACL HLT 2009: Student Research Workshop..[paper]

  • R. Bernardi and M. Kirschner Context Modeling for IQA: The Role of Tasks and Entities In Proceedings of KRAQ.[paper]
  • M. Kirschner and R. Bernardi An Empirical View on IQA Follow-up Questions In Proceedings of the 8th SIGdial Workoshop on Discourse and Dialogue SIGDial 2007l. (eds) Simon Keizer, Harry Bunt, and Tim Paek, 1-2 September 2007, Antwerp, Belgium, pp. 43-46 [paper]
  • R. Bernardi, F. Bonin, D. Calvanese, D. Carbotta and C. Thorne, English Querying over Ontologies: E-QuOnto, R. Basili and M.T. Pazienza (Eds.): AI*IA 2007, LNAI 4733, pp. 170–181, 2007. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2007. [Paper]
  • R. Bernardi, D. Calvanse, C. Thorne Expressing DL-Lite Ontologies with Controlled English International Worskhop on Description Logic DL 2007, Bressanone, Italy. [Paper]
  • R. Bernardi and M. Moortgat Continuation semantics for symmetric categorial grammar In Proceedings of the 14th Workshop on Logic, Language, Information and Computation (Eds) Daniel Leivant and Rue de Queiroz. ( WoLLIC '07). LNCS 4567, pp: 53--71, Springer (2007). [Paper]
  • R. Bernardi, D. Calvanese, C. Thorne, Lite Natural Language In Proceedings of IWCS-7. [Paper]
  • R. Bernardi and A. Bolognesi, Building an Italian CG bank via incremental statistical parsing. In Proceeding of TLT 2006 [Paper] [Slides]
  • R. Bernardi, D. Calvanese, L. Dini, V. Di Tomaso, E. Frasnelli, U. Kugler, B. Plank Multilingual Search in Libraries. The case-study of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano In Proc. 5th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation - LREC 2006, Genova. [Paper]
  • R. Bernardi, A. Bolognesi, C. Seidenari, F. Tamburini (in press). POS tagset design for Italian. In Proc. 5th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation - LREC 2006, Genova. [Paper]
  • R. Bernardi, A. Bolognesi, C. Seidenari and F. Tamburini Automatic Induction of a POS Tagset for Italian In Proceedings of Australasian Language Technology Workshop 2005 [Paper, Slides]
  • R. Bernardi, A. Bolognesi, F. Tamburini and M. Moortgat Categorial Type Logic meets Dependency Grammar to annotate an Italian corpus. In Proc. Recent Advances in Dependency Grammars Workshop - COLING 2004, Geneva, 2004, pp. 57-64.[Paper]
  • R. Bernardi, A. Bolognesi, S. Romagnoli, C. Seidenari, L. Surace, F. Tamburini Categorial type logics and Italian corporaIn Categorial Grammars 2004 An efficient tool for Natural Language Processing. [Paper, Slides]
  • R. Bernardi, I. Dahn, G. Mishne, M. Moortgat, M. de Rijke and H. Huszkoreit, Dynamic Teaching Materials for ESSLLI In Proceedings of the workshop on Language Resources : Integration and Development in e-Learning and in Teaching Computational Linguistics. Satellite event of LREC 2004, 24-28 May, Lisbon. P. Monachesi, C. Vertan, W. von Hahn, and S. Jekat (eds.) [Paper]
  • R. Bernardi, V. Jijkoun, G. Mishne and M. de Rijke, Selectively Using Linguistic Resources throughout the Question Answering Pipeline In Proceedings of the 2nd CoLogNET ElsNET Symposium on "Questions and Answers: Theoretical and Applied Perspectives", held in Amsterdam on the 18th of December, 2003. [Paper] and [Slides]
  • C. Areces and R. Bernardi, In Situ Binding: A Hybrid Approach. In Proceedings of ICoS-4, Nancy, September 2003. [Paper] and [Slides]
  • R. Bernardi, Types for linguistic typologies. A case study Polarity Items. Proceedings of the Amsterdam Colloquium 01., 2001, Amsterdam. [Paper], [Slides], [Hand-out]
  • C. Areces, R. Bernardi, M. Moortgat, Galois Connections in Categorial Type Logic. In Proceeding of Mathematics of Language and Formal Grammar 2001. Helsinki Augustus 2001. (Eds GJ. Kruijf, L. Moss and R. Oehrle). [Slides] [figures]
  • C. Areces and R. Bernardi, Analyzing the Core of Categorial Grammar. ICoS-3, Siena [Slides]
  • P. Freguglia and R. Bernardi, About the notion of natural logic: historical and theoretical remarks. In Proceedings of the third European Summer University, History and Epistemology in mathematical Education. Universite Catholique de Louvain. [Paper]
  • R. Bernardi, Deriving Polarity Effects. In Proceedings of TAG+5. Paris, May 2000.[Paper]
  • R. Bernardi, Logic and Language from the Outside. In Proceedings of the First International Congress on Tools for Teaching Logic , University of Salamanca, Spain, 14-17 June 2000. [Paper]
  • R. Bernardi, Polarity Items in Resocurce Logics: A comparison. In Proceedings of the Student Session, Esslli 00, Birmingham 2000.[Paper] and [Slides]
  • R. Bernardi and R. Moot, Generalized Quantifiers in declarative and interrogative sentences. [Slides] on the talk presented at ICoS-2. Germany, 29-30 July 2000.
  • R. Bernardi, Reasoning within Multimodal Categorial Grammar. In Proceedings of Vextal. Venezia, Italy, 1999. [Paper]
  • R. Bernardi, Monotonic Reasoning from a Proof-Theoretic Perspective. In Proceedings of Formal Grammar 1999. Geert-Jan M. Kruijff and Richard T. Oehrle (ed.), Utrecht, The Netherlands, 1999. [Paper]

Edited Proceedings/Books/Journal special issues ^

Reviews ^

  • R. Bernardi, Review of The Syntactic Process: Language, Speech and Communication by M. Steedman. A Bradford Book 2000, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Published in the Journal of Language, Logic and Information (JoLLI).
  • R. Bernardi, Review of Teorie della conoscenza naturalistico-filosofiche, N. Vassallo.
    In History and Philosophy of Logic, 17 Cambridge University Press, London, 21 2000, 168-169 p.
  • R. Bernardi, Review of La Depsicologizzazione della Logica'', N. Vassallo.
    In History and Philosophy of Logic, 19, Cambridge University Press, London, 1998, pp. 59-61.

Publications in Italian ^

  • R. Bernardi, Logiche Categoriali tra i banchi di scuola. La Nuova Secondaria. n.8, 2001, Anno XVIII, pag 5-9, Brescia.
  • R. Bernardi, Mente e significato: un caso particolare la metafora.
    In Itinerario sulla metafora. Aspetti linguistici, semantici e cognitivi, C. Casadio (ed.), Bulzoni, Roma, 1996, pp. 99-124.

Theses ^