IFIP Summer School 2011
September 5th-9th, 2011
Trento, Italy
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Accepted Workshop Papers
Lisa Rajbhandari and Ebenezer Paintsil. Analysis of Privacy Scenarios In User-Centric Identity Management Systems with Game  Theory

Patrizia Bertini.
The power of focus groups: unveiling meanings

Julio Angulo and Erik Wastlund.
Exploring Touch Screen Dynamics for User Identification on Smart Phones

Joerg Abendroth.
Drafting Release Policies without Expert Knowledge

Ebenezer Paintsil.
Towards Automating Identity Management System Privacy Risk Assessment with Petri Nets

Milica Milutinovic, Koen Decroix, Vincent Naessens and Bart De Decker. Privacy preserving mechanisms for a pervasive eHealth system

Koen Decroix, Bart De Decker and Vincent Naessens. Designing privacy-enhancing mobile applications

Michael Dowd. Privacy Attitudes in Interest-Driven Online Communities: The Case of Last.fm

Faysal Boukayoua, Jan Vossaert, Bart De Decker and Vincent Naessens. Using a Smartphone to Access Personalized Web Services on a Workstation

Luigi Grillo, Vincenzo Cutello and Giuseppe Morelli. Secure Multi-Party Computation: formalization of privacy in Location Based Mobile Services (LBMS)

Martin Beck and Michael Marhoefer. Do-Not-Track techniques for browsers and its implications for consumers

Harald Zwingelberg and Marit Hansen. Privacy Protection  Goals and Their Application to eID Systems

Ulrich Konig and Marit Hansen. Extending comparison shopping sites by privacy criteria

Ioannis Agrafiotis, Sadie Creese and Michael Goldsmith. Formalising Requirements for a Biobank Scenario using a Logic for   Consent and Revocation

Ioannis Agrafiotis, Sadie Creese and Michael Goldsmith. Developing a Strategy for Automated Privacy Testing Suites

Sebastian Labitzke. To whom flew all my personal data? Enabling users to monitor the proliferation of shared personally identifiable information

Joseph Adjei. Implementing a Successful Privacy-enhancing Identity Management Systems

Oleksandr Bodriagov and Sonja Buchegger. P2P Social Networks With Broadcast Encryption Protected Privacy

Gergely Alpar and Jaap-Henk Hoepman. Avoiding Man-in-the-Middle Attacks When Verifying Public Terminals

Ina Schiering and Jan Kretschmer. Investigation of the Infrastructure Level of Cloud Computing - Realising a Basis for Privacy and Security of Software Services

Mohammad Badiul Islam and Renato Iannella. Privacy by Design: Does it matter for Social Networks?

Tobias Pulls. (More) Side Channels in Cloud Storage

Arnold Roosendaal. Massive Data Collection by Mistake?

Martin Pekarek. Calling at all stations? Exploring privacy-friendly e-ticketing using smartphones

Kaniz Fatema, David Chadwick and Brendan Alsenoy. Legal policies to protect privacy

Philip Schutz. Data protection authorities in a comparative perspective

Sandra Olislaegers. Early Lessons Learned in the ENDORSE Project: Legal issues in developing data protection compliance tools

Marcello Paolo Scipioni. Towards Privacy-Aware Location-Based Recommender Systems

Catherine Flick and Penny Duquenoy. Developing for Privacy in Sensitive Domains: Lessons from the Isis Project