WONS 2004 Conference Schedule for Palm Devices

Here is a simple way to have all the WONS 2004 Agenda and talk abstracts in your pocket!


The steps could slightly vary according to the desktop application and its versions. These instructions refer to Palm Desktop 4.1 for Windows and should work with all PalmOS-based devices. If they don't, please accept our apologies for wasting your time...

Mauro Brunato
Wons 2004 Publicity chair

  1. Download the two following files:
  2. Run the Palm Desktop Application;
  3. Switch to the Agenda view;
  4. Import the file "WONS-Agenda-Palm.dba" into the application (menu File/Import);
  5. Switch to the Memo view;
  6. Import the file "WONS-Abstracts-Palm.mpa" into the application (menu File/Import);
  7. Synchronize the handheld device;
...and there you are! Your palm Agenda will notify to you all sessions, and your Memo will contain all abstracts of the talks.

If the Memo application on your Palm does not show the talks in the correct order, select "Alphabetical order" on the "Options/Preferences" menu of the handheld application...