Selected Talks

"How May I Help You?: Automated Customer Service via Natural Spoken Dialog", ( Tutorial, NAACL 2001 )
"Adaptive Learning: From Supervised to Active Learning of Statistical Models for Natural Language and Speech Processing" ( Tutorial, Interspeech, 2003, ACL 2004 )
"Talking to Computers: From Speech Sounds to Human Computer Interaction", ( Tutorial, Interspeech 2007 )
"From Research Vision to Tangible Innovation", (Czech Academy of Sciences, 2007)
Next Generation Conversational Interfaces" ( Keynote, SLT 2008 )
Interactive Machines: From Questions to Experience" (IBM Faculty Award Talk, 2010)
The ADAMACH Project" (Marie Curie Excellence Grant, 2010)
Conversational Artificial Intelligence and Applications to Mental Health" (Keynote at Summer School in Granada, 2022)
"Are LLMs Robust for Spoken Dialogues", International Workshop on Spoken Dialogue, Sapporo, 2024
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