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M. Segata, F. Dressler, and R. Lo Cigno, “A Modular Approach to Platooning Maneuvers,” in 2nd GI/ITG KuVS Fachgespräch Inter-Vehicle Communication (FG-IVC 2014), Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Feb. 2014


Driving vehicles in platoons has the potential to improve traffic efficiency, increase safety, reduce fuel consumption, and make driving experience more enjoyable. A lot of effort is being spent in the development of technologies, like radars, enabling automated cruise control following and ensuring emergency braking if the driver does not react in time; but these technologies alone do not empower real platooning. As platoons will initially share the road with human-driven vehicles, interesting new questions regarding the interactions between the two categories of vehicles arise. In this paper we briefly describe the focus of our research, i.e., the analysis of interferences caused by non-automated vehicles during a maneuver. As an example, we consider the JOIN maneuver. We define the application layer protocol to support the maneuver, together with situations that can prevent successful termination, and describe how they can be detected. We then show the validity of the idea by simulating some sample scenarios, showing either that the maneuver can successfully be performed, or safely be aborted. As final contribution, we describe our idea toward a modular approach, i.e., the development of complex maneuvers by combining smaller sub-maneuvers, aiming to ease development and safety analysis.


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