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C. Krupitzer, M. Segata, M. Breitbach, S. S. El-Tawab, S. Tomforde, and C. Becker, “Towards Infrastructure-Aided Self-Organized Hybrid Platooning,” in IEEE Global Conference on Internet of Things (GCIoT 2018), Alexandria, Egypt, Dec. 2018


Nowadays, the technical feasibility of autonomous driving is out of the question. This technology opens the door for several research topics (e.g., information exchange, security of information) in the IoT domain. One such application is platooning: coordinated driving of vehicles in convoys. Therefore, such platoons set up Internets-of-Vehicles. Although platooning has been mainly researched on highways, the idea of platooning in smart cities can have several benefits, such as efficient use of roads, time-saving through route optimization, and minimizing traffic in peak times. In this paper, we present a traffic management approach for combining platooning on highways and urban areas. We explain the idea of platooning, how to manage it efficiently, and the differences between platooning on the freeway and in smart cities. Finally, we explore the exchange of information in these systems and highlight on information security.


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