Daniele Foroni

PhD Student, University of Trento



I am Daniele Foroni and I was born in 1990 in Rovereto (Trento - Italy). I received the Bachelor's Degree in computer science at the University of Trento in 2012, where I gathered the MSc in 2014, focusing on entity matching.

Now, I am a PhD student of the University or Trento with a research grant funded by Joint Open Lab of Telecom Italia. Moreover, I am a member of dbTrento research group.

Research Interests

My research interests are mainly focused in the Big Data area, more precisely in data quality and data profiling topics.

The aim of my research is to examine the data available in an existing data source, like a database, and gather information about these data. On the other hand, my research is also focused in the state of the data, about their completeness, consistency, cleaning and accuracy. These definitions contain a lot of work performed on data, as it is needed to inspect, clean, transform and model data, trying to discover useful information that could lead to conclusions. Moreover, the cleaning step is really important as it is extremely useful in order to avoid inconsistencies and errors caused by users wrong behaviour, by errors in the storage process or by many other causes. This process is performed in order to manage correct and unified information.

This research field is really useful in a high range of applications, such as it would be used to avoid undesirable situations and to predict the possible behaviour of a system or the next incoming data.