Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) MSc HLTI

This course addresses the fundamentals of Human-Computer Interaction with emphasis on interaction design for multimodal systems. The main part of the course will focus on User-Centred Design, providing concepts and hands-on practise on techniques for collecting user requirements, lo-fi and hi-fi prototyping, formative and summative evaluation.

Additional topics covered include basic notions of cognitive ergonomics, pyschometric theory and a crash course on a rapid prototyping tools (like, for example, Macromedia Flash). During the course, students will have the opportunty to work in real projects, designing and evaluating prototypes of multimodal systems.

Previous Courses

Human computer interaction (HCI)- 2010-11 Human computer interaction (HCI)- 2011-12

Reading List

Essential (Manual)

Sharp, H.,Rogers, Y., Preece, J. 2007. Interaction Design: Beyond human-computer interaction. John Wiley & Sons Inc, Third Edition.


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