Master - User Experience 2016/17

Welcome to the main page of the course. Here you will find news about the course delivered as part of the Interdisciplinary Master Degree in HCI. This is a living document so please check it regularly.

Practical information

Update on final paper

  • Please remember that the paper should be written in English, should not exceed 10 pages and should be written in ACM format. You can find the format in this link:
  • The paper needs to be delivered two weeks before the date of the exam
  • The date of the exam is 26th January 2017




  • Assignment 2 – read the paper on “The Collaborative Production of Responses and Dispatching on the Radio: Video Analysis in a Medical Emergency Call Center” and build on it, together with the empirical material presented during the first part of the seminar (see slides), to analyze the case study. We will discuss the case and the paper on Thursday 29th of September.
  • Assignment 1 class_assignment.pptx – read the paper and prepare a presentation for Thursday the 22nd of September. Highlight key points and reflect on the mining of participation in UX projects

Additional material

Here you can find further material on topics/work that we have talked about during the class

Critical Design Module

Evaluation criteria


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