Bachelor - Human Computer Interaction 2016/17

Welcome to the main page of the course of Human-Computer Interaction (Interazione Uomo-Macchina). Here you will find news about the course and the course-work assignments for the course delivered as part of the Bachelor Degree in Computer Science.

Students of the MSc in HCI should refer to the page HCI/UX.

Lecture Schedule

The schedule of the lectures could slighlty change. Therefore, in addition to the notifications on the electronic noticeboards, we have a SCHEDULE of the course.
We suggest to check it every week; any suspension set by the department (e.g., festivity) has already been added. The weeks's numbering is based on the Department's CALENDAR.


  • [update 22 Nov 2016] During week XI and XII there will be lecture ONLY on Thursday (December 1st); all the other lectures are canceled.
  • [update 17 Nov 2016] Monday (November 21th) is canceled. The other two lectures of week X are confirmed.
  • [double-update 9 Nov 2016] On week IX we will have one lecture. Please submit your preferences filling the form at this LINK. On week X we will have the presentation of the projects, please put a cross near your group at this LINK if you are willing to participate (the participation is warmly encouraged).
  • [update 2 Nov 2016] Monday (November 7th) is canceled. The other two lectures of week VIII are confirmed.
  • [update 13 Oct 2016] Monday (October 17th) is canceled. The other two lectures of week V are confirmed.
  • [update 06 Oct 2016] Tuesday (October 11th) is canceled. The other two lectures of week IV are confirmed.
  • [update 03 Oct 2016] Next week we will have two lectures (out of three). Please, complete the form at this LINK.
  • [update 02 Oct 2016] Monday class will be held by Zeno Menestrina;
  • [update 24 Sept 2016] Monday class is confirmed. However this week one lecture will be canceled and we are planning to skip Tuesday's one. If you agree or NOT please fill the form at this LINK;
  • [update 20 Sept 2016] at this LINK you can find the google spreadsheet where you can add your group (we will talk about it during today's class).

Exam - extra info


  • short-exam: the exam addressed to members of a group that submitted a positive (mark > 18) course work.
  • full-exam: the exam covering all the topics of the course and addressed to the everyone else.


  • If a student does the short-exam and fails it, should she/he take the full-exam the next time ? YES
  • Is she/he obliged to skip one exam date? so if she/he fails in January, does she/he have to wait until June? YES
  • Do these conditions apply to students that pass the short-exam (mark > 18) but decide to refuse it? YES
  • Are the members of a group obliged to take the short-exam on the same date? NO
  • Are the members of a group obliged to take the short-exam during the Winter session? NO
  • Students are not allowed to use computers, notes, books (and so on) during the exam.
  • In the unfortunate case you get sick and cannot attend the short-exam, please write to Zeno Menestrina before the beginning of the exam.
  • Anyone taking the exam should sign a register of attendance.
  • No one is allowed to take the written exam out of the class.

Project & Exam


Other Resources


Zeno Menestrina: