Research interests

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My research addresses cognitive, social and cultural consequences of information technologies with an emphasis on the application of this knowledge to interaction design. My research moves from the psychological understanding of human activities and uses this understanding as a foundation for the design of information and communication technology capable to fully exploit and respect human, social and organizational contexts where these technologies are to be used.

I have applied a wide range of paradigm (from controlled lab-experiments of reactions times to field studies) to research a wide range of different interactive systems, including intelligent systems capable to simulate a social reaction with user (based on techniques of natural language, multimodal systems, and embodied conversational agents), security systems (graphical authentication mechanisms, biometrics), e-learning and m-learning systems, and social technologies (social agents, social networking platforms). My research has also focused on emerging paradigms of HCI research, including studies of trust, user-experience, and cultural-aware design. I have worked on several aspects of Human-Computer Interaction and Human Factors, including:

  • Socially adept technology
  • Trust in on-line transactions
  • Conversational interfaces
  • On-line communities
  • Human Factors in Security systems
  • Graphical authentication mechanisms
  • Biometrics
  • Multimodal communication & Natural language
  • Speech & gesture
  • Culture & Design
  • E-learning
  • Usability & 'New' Usability
  • Driving behaviour.