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Interested in doing research on System security, Internet of Things, trust technology or web security? Then please send me an e-mail. I am always looking for good candidates for PhD, junior or senior researcher and also as a professor.

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  • Dec 2023
    Our paper OAuth 2.0 Redirect URI Validation Falls Short, Literally" has been presented at ACSAC 2023 by Elsevier.
  • July 2023
    Our paper AppBox: A Black-Box Application Sandboxing Technique for Mobile App Management Solutions" has been presented at IEEE ISCC 2023.
  • Feb. 2023
    Our paper "A Survey of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) & Natural Habits-based Behavioural Biometric Modalities for User Recognition Schemes" has been accepted at Pattern Recognition Journal published by Elsevier.
  • Dec. 2022
    Our paper "AI-enabled IoT Penetration Testing: State-of-the-art and Research Challenges" has been accepted at Enterprise Information Systems Journal published by Taylor & Francis.
  • Current Projects

  • NeCS: European Network for Cyber Security
    The European Network for Cyber Security (NECS) addresses the training and development of a European talent pool to help implement and support the European Cyber-security strategy2 as highlighted in the EC’s Digital Agenda. Today there is a strongest need than ever to grow researchers that combine a strong academic foundation with practical experiences, technological expertise with awareness of the socio-economic and legal context and conviction to furthering research with an entrepreneurial spirit. The 4-year NECS project for a cyber-security research and training network makes a significant contribution towards meeting the increased demand of human expertise in this critical field. NECS fosters a multi-sector/multi-disciplinary approach that is absolutely necessary for tackling coherently all cyber-security needs as recognized by the Network and Information Security (NIS) platform that has been established by the EU in order to develop a public/private cooperation strategy.
    Funding: 515KEuro
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  • TENSE+ : Security and Privacy for Cyber-Physical Systems and the Internet of Things with KULeuven
    The “Internet of Things” (IoT) is expected to continue to grow exponentially in the foreseeable future. An important recent trend is that the connection between the Internet and elements of the physical world (such as machines, robots, cars, production facilities, and so forth) is getting stronger and stronger. Moreover, these systems are integrating more and more with and within our human bodies; currently we observe this trend for wellness and medical applications and one can expect that this will result in growing processing of information in and around the human body. The hardware and software infrastructure that supports this global network of systems is one of the most impressive technological achievements of mankind. But unfortunately, as many incidents over the past years have shown, it is not without security flaws. The main objective of this research project is to develop technology that supports the construction of secure cyber-physical systems and a secure Internet of Things.
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