Logical Structures in Natural Language 16-17

The course is taught by Raffaella Bernardi and Roberto Zamparelli (18 hrs each) on Mondays (10:30-12:30), Wednesdays (13:00-15:00) and Thursdays (10:30-12:30)

Information on the exams will be posted here in due time.


The course web site is online.

Teaching Material


The slides used by Raffaella Bernardi during lectures are made available below after each lecture (Part I)

For further exerises see: Achille Varzi, John Nolt, Dennis Rohatyn: Logica

The slides used by Roberto Zamparelli can be found here (Part II)

03-04-2017, Introduction to LSNL
admin, what Logic is, background,
Slides, Exercises in class on Sets Exercises in class and at home on PL.
05-04-2017, Propositional Logic:
syntax and semantics and Reasoning (truth tables)
Slides Exercises in class
06-04-2017, Propositional Logic (tableaux -- formula, set of formulas, reasoning)
Exercises done at home
Exercises in class
10-04-2017, First order Logic
Models and tableaux
12-04-2017, FoL
Exercises on Models and Tableaux Exercises in class
13-04-2017, First order Logic:
entailment and formalization
Exercises in class
19-04-2017, Recap on TBD
20-04-2017, Sample exam
26-04-2017, Correction of sample exam