Digital Libraries and Language Technologies: A.A. 11-12

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Lectures time is indicated in the table below. They take place usually in room 06 in Palazzo Verdi, P.zza Venezia. For up to date information check: here


The course starts on the 26th of March

Text Books and Softwares ^

Text Books:

Further readings:


We will be doing exercises with Greenstone software to practice with library meta-data

Slides ^

The Slides used during the lecturs will be upload in the table below after each lecture.

Slides Topic Extra Teaching MaterialCredits
1 Introduction to DL DL: what, when, who, and how.
(Lesk: Ch.1)
Where do we go from here?
History of Digital Libraries
Vittorio Casarosa, Lora Aroyo, Laura Zanette
2 OPAC OPAC, Metadata, Marc and Dublin Core, BibTex, RIS, Authority Control, LCSH, DDC, today categories (Google, Wikipedia etc.);
(Witten: Ch. 6), (Lesk: 5.1), (Salarelli: Ch.IX)
Dublin Core Tutorial
MARC Tutorial
Metadata Decision for DL
Vittorio Casarosa
3 Interoperability Query Language, the Z39.50 and OAI-PMH protocols
(Witten: Ch.7)
Exercises with Greenstone
Conceptual ModelOA-Forum tutorial
Z39.50 History
Z39.50 Introduction
Vittorio Casarosa
4 IMP Indexing and Querying Indexing, Information Retrieval, Precision, Recall, Boolean Model
(FOA Ch.1), (Intro to IR: Ch. 1)
Indexing and Query extra
Searching in Metric Spaces
Bernardo Magnini, Intro to IR'authors (slides) and Richard Belew
5 IMP Language Technologies Text Pre-processing; Term weighting, Vector Space Model,
(FOA, Ch. 2, Ch. 3), (Intro to IR: Ch. 2 (2.1-2.4), Ch. 6)
Lecture on Regular Expression (B. Magnini) Bernardo Magnini and Richard Belew
6 IMP Exercises on tf-idf, sim measures, Evaluation Measures     Richard Belew
7 IMP Ranked Evaluation Interpolated Precision, 11-point interpolated avarage precsione, etc., Annotator Agreement measures (Intro to IR: Ch 8.)   Dell Zhang, Intro to IR'authors (slides), Susan Price and David Maier
8 IMP Exercises Ranked P/R and Annotator Agreement
Create a Graph
 Enrico Bignotti
9 Relevance Feedbacks
How to review a paper
  How to give a talk by
Josef Gallian 1998
Patrick Blackburn 2001
Paul Edwards 2010
10 Seminar on Corpora (Maddalena)   
11 Seminar WSD (Nadia)
12 Seminario MT (Tatiana)
13 simulazione esame     
14 Seminar on Ontology and DL (Alessandra e Chiara)     
15 Cutting edges topics in DL Correzione esercizi     


We will use Greenstone to better understand the DL overall architecture and exercise with importing data, modify the meta-data imported, and the search indexes. We will do paper-and-pensil exercise to practice with the several IR measures introduced.

Meta-data, OAI-PMH harvester

We use Greenstone: launch both the GLI and the Server

The paper-and-pensil exercises on weights, document/query similarity measures, evaluation measure and inter-annotator agreement are linked in the table above


Programme for those students who have not attended the course

The exam will be written and consists of exercises on the topics treated in the book "Introduction to Information Retrieval" Chapters 1, 2, 6 and 8 and their presentation in the slides available in the table above (Lessons: 4-8). Morever, there will be a general question on the topics presented in the slides of the lessons 1-3.