UniTN: Computational Linguistics 22-23

Computational Linguistics 22-23

The Computational Linguistics course is taught by Raffaella Bernardi, TA: Helena Bonaldi.

Location: Palazzo Istruzione, Rovereto. Classes will be on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. For updated information, please check the online calender


Information about the final exam

For CLC students, the exam will consist of three parts:

  1. 20%: Assignments (RG Baroni et al 2014, Linzen/Herberlot 2020 and CL labs)
  2. 30%: written exercises on Syntax, Semantics and their interface
  3. 50% written report on a topic selected among those presented in class. The report can be either a project proposal based on a literature review or the report on a project based on a literature review. The report has to be written in LaTeX.

Students who earn 9 ECTS with this course (based on previous academic years) should contact the lecturer

Non-frequentanti: need to contact the lecturer at least two months before the exam.

Students have to agree on the topic of the report with the lecturer at least one month before the exam.

We will rely on programming skills taught in the course Introduction to Computer Programming (Python)

My slides will be posted in Moodle after each class.

Topics with a rough schedule


Intro to the course and to CL. Extra material: Manning 2015
1) 08.11.2022 (10:30-12:30) Introduction to CL

Syntax: Extra material: NLTK Ch. 8 and Syntactic Tree Structures, Demos: DG
2.) 09.11.2022 (15:00-17:00) Intro to CFG
3.) 10.11.2022 (10:30-12:30) Exercises on CFG

4.) 15.11.2022 (10:30-12:30) Reading Group:
Tenney et al. ACL 2019 NLP pipeline and Neural Networks
Jawahar et al. ACL 2019 Syntax-Semantics and Neural Networks

Off-class quiz on the vocabulary used in these two papers.

5.) 16.11.2022 (15:00-17:00) Intro to TAG, DG and CG and on-paper excercises
6.) 17.11.2022 (10:30-12:30)On-paper exercises about Formal Grammars

7.) 22.11.2022 (10:30-12:30) Intro to Parsing
8.) 23.11.2022 (15:00-17:00) Reading Group
Wilxoc et al 2018 Filler-Gap and LSTM Blackbox
Off-class quiz on the concepts introduced in this part (syntax) (self-assesment)

Distributional Semantics
Extra Material: Linear Algebra (video by G. Strang)
Extra Material: Baroni 2013
Evaluation methods, metrics
Extra material: Dror et al 2018, Chris Potts and Geiger et al 2020; Baroni 2016 and Kafle, Shrestha and Kanan 2019
.) 24.11.2022 (10:30-12:30)(CANCELLED)
09.) 29.11.2022 (15:00-17:00) Introduction to DSM
10.) 30.11.2022 (15:00-17:00) Reading Group
Baroni et al. 2014 Don’t count, predict! A systematic comparison of context-counting vs. context-predicting semantic vectors

11.) 01.12.2022 (10:30-12:30) Intro to Evaluation Methods in CL, and Lab 1 on Baroni et al 2014 (Cosine similarity and Accuracy)

Off-class quiz on the concepts introduced in this part (self-assesment)

Students should start thinking of the project they want to bring at the exam.

12.) 06.12.2022 (8:30-10:30) Background information (Semantics, Formal Semantics, Logic)

13.) 06.12.2022 (10:30-12:30) Compositional DSM

14.) 07.12.2022 (15:00-17:00)Reading Group
Group 1: Tal Linzen How Can We Accelerate Progress Towards Human-like Linguistic Generalization?
Group 2: A. Herbelot Re-solve it: simulating the acquisition of core semantic competences from small data CoNLL 2020
Students of Group 1 prepare a quiz for students of Group 2 and viceversa.

Formal Semantics: Extra material Semantic Parser by McCartney
15.) 12.12.2022 (9:30-11:00) Compositionality: Lambda calculus (function application)
16.) 13.12.2022 (10:30-12:30) Compositionality: Lambda calculus (abstraction)
17.) 14.12.2022 (15:00-17:00) Discussion of exercises of Lab 1 and Lab 2 on Baroni et al 2014 (Correlation and Purity)
18.) 15.12.2022 (10:30-12:30) Exercises on Syntax-Semantics
19.) 20.12.2022 (10:30-12:30) Project Presentations TBC

Off-class quiz on the concepts introduced in this part (self-assesmen)

20.) 21.12.2022 (15:00-17:00)Sample exam (CFG,CG,lambda)
21.) 22.12.2022 (10:30-12:30)Discussion Sample exam

Students Project Presentations
Extra material McCartney
21.) XXXX (XXXX)Project Proposal Presentations
22.) XXXX (XXX)Project Proposal Presentations

Further Materials

If you are interested in textbooks about FS:

For further information, see the suverys and tutorials below:

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