Software Engineering

Fabio Casati Alessandro Tomasi Marcos Baez

I love building software, beautiful and strong software, from the user interface to the lines of codes hiding behind every click. In the last years, I've been sharing this passion with my colleagues in a Software Engineering course, teaching students the fundamentals not only with the foundation of books but experiencing actual software development. Projects and hands on code are our main tools, making students experience the problems of managing the software development, team work, writing reusable code and using / running other's code. It's a bachelor course, so it's challenging at times since there are always students with different background and expertise, but we keep improving every year :)

We maintain the schedule and related materials on our streamscience page.

Want to do your thesis with me?

At Lifeparticipation.org we are working on tons of interesting projects. We're always looking for smart and passionate students willing to learn something new and create something meaningful. We work in a multi-disciplinary environment with graphic designers, UX designers, mobile and web developers + people from other sciences. So, if you're interested in what we do, please contact me. I'll be happy to hear from you :).