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    My research interests cover aspects of information organization, persuasive technologies and web engineering. I've applied those aspects in different lines of research. You can explore those here.

  • Knowledge Dissemination

    In this line of research, we explore the limitations of the current scientifc knowledge dissemination model to face the new scenario posed by the Web. We show how this misalignment between the current model and Web capabilities brings not only missed opportunities but also a serious overload problem, creating difficulties for authors to gain visibility, and for readers to find interesting content.

  • Knowledge Sharing and capturing

    In this line of research we explore information seeking and sharing practices in the scientific communities. We report on studies and experiments, propose models and an infrastructure to facilitate knowledge sharing and capturing based by empowering existing practices.

  • IT for Quality of Life

    We've been lately moving to perhaps the most rewarding type of research. The one in which you're in contact with the people, pushing research to innovation to create things people will love and use. In this line of research I report on some of these works and experiences.

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