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ATROSIM, stands for Another Tool for Routing Protocol Simulation, is an elegant tool (written in .NET) that supports simulation of TCP/IP based routing protocol in a visual way. Here are some major features:

  • Create a network topology that contains switches (nodes) and computers (end-points) by a user-friendly graphical interface.
  • The topology can be saved to disk to later usage.
  • Specify the connection metric between nodes. The metric could be in uni-direction or bi-direction.
  • Able to simulate different protocols.
    • Each protocol is implemented as a separated library and will be plugged into the Simulator at runtime.
    • Protocol developers are able to define data structure for the internal state of each node.
    • Protocol developers are able to use their own message structure to exchange data between nodes.
  • Visualize simulation progress
    • Show internal state of each node.
    • Show the input/output messages of a node in a time line (virtual time)
    • Suspend/Resume the routing progress at one or more nodes.
  • Visualize protocol reaction
  • Allow user to change topology at runtime to see protocol reaction.

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  • ATROSIM Binary Files: zip
  • ATROSIM User Manual: pdf
  • ATROSIM Technical document: pdf
  • RIP Source: zip

Firefox Vulnerability Database (FVDB)

Database schema

FVDB is a vulnerability and codebase database for Firefox from version 1.0 to version 3.6. I use this database for my research about the potential relation between vulnerabilities and codebase.

The data is collected from several sources:

  1. Mozilla Foundation Security Avisories (MFSA).
  2. Mozilla Bugzilla (Bugzilla).
  3. National Vulnerability Database (NVD).

The database is continuously updated from these data sources.

Download: Snapshot of FVDB on 2010-07-25

Statistics: 335 MFSA and 900 Bugzilla entries. Download available in:

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