About me

I am graduated in Information Systems in Brazil, where I was born and grew up. In March of 2011, I have concluded the Master course “Net Economy: Technology and Management of Information and Knowledge” at University of Trento. I have studied for 5 months at Abo Akademi University, in Finland, through Erasmus program.

In Brazil, I worked for six years in an elementary school where I was hired as director of education over the past three years. In 2010 I did three months of internship in a Web Design company in Ireland.

I did my PhD at the Telecom Italia Semantics & Knowledge Innovation Laboratory, SKIL Lab. I completed the PhD titled “Affective Analysis of Abstract Paintings Using Statistical Analysis and Art Theory” at the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science (DISI) of University of Trento with Telecom Italia’s grant. During my Phd I worked for three months under the supervision of Prof. Albert Ali Salah in the Perceptual Intelligence Laboratory (Pilab) team at Bogazici University, Turkey.

I am currently working on extracting features to analyze emotion in abstract paintings. I am using Computer Vision techniques together with Machine Learning to detect the emotions evoked by abstract paintings. I am focusing on the visual perception, emotion recognition and art theory in order to detect specific image structures and the emotions evoked by these images.


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