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Paolo Rota

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I'm a Ph.D student at Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science at University of Trento. I'm working in Computer Vision area on Social Interactions Analysis. My supervisors are prof. Nicu Sebe and prof. Nicola Conci

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Computer Vision

(Course 2011/12 - 2012/13)

Teaching Assistant of prof. Nicola Conci

The course is an overview of the most important image and video processing methodologies as acquisition, motion detection, motion analysis, stereo and mutli-view, information retrieval.

Data Hiding

(Course 2011/12 - 2012/13)

Teaching Assistant of prof. Giulia Boato

The course is about the Data Hiding techniques as Cryptography and Watermarking with an introduction to the Digital Forensics.


Collaborative creativity: The Music Room

F. Morreale, A. De Angeli, R. Masu, P. Rota, N. Conci

    Journal of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing October 2013

Particles Cross-Influence for Entity Grouping

P. Rota, H. Ullah, N. Conci, N. Sebe, F.G.B. De Natale

    EuSiPCo 2013 Signal Processing Models for Influence and Interaciton Analysis in Cognitive Systems

Exploiting visual search theory to infer social interactions

P. Rota, D.T. Dang-Nguyen, N. Conci, N. Sebe

    IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging 2013 Multimedia Content and Mobile Devices

Recognition of two-person interaction in multi-view surveillance video via proxemics cues and spatio-temporal interest points

B. Zhang, P. Rota, N. Conci

    IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging 2013 Video Surveillance and Transportation Imaging Applications.

Real Time Detection of Social Interactions in Surveillance Video

P. Rota, N. Conci, N. Sebe

    ECCV 2012. Workshops and Demonstrations, 111-120

Exploiting DCT masking effect to improve the perceptual quality of data hiding

G. Boato, M. Carli, D. Molteni, P. Rota

    IS&T/SPIE Image Processing 2010 Algorithms and Systems VIII