General Information and Workshop Goals

The goal of this workshop is to bring people from the context and ontology communities together to discuss the approaches they use for information integration from the knowledge representation and reasoning perspective. In recent years, a number of different aspects of contexts and ontologies have been studied and a number of approaches have been proposed. One perspective views an ontology as an explicit encoding of a domain model that may be shared and reused, while a context may be viewed as an explicit encoding of a domain model that is expected to be local and may contain one party’s subjective view of the domain. This workshop will further explore this perspective as well as other perspectives and aims to make more progress in leveraging increased communication between the context and ontology communities.

Contexts and ontologies play a crucial role in knowledge representation and reasoning. Computer systems which act intelligently need the ability to represent, utilize and reason about contexts and ontologies. There were a number of projects devoted to the definition and usage of contexts as well as ontologies in intelligent KR systems. With the advent of the web and the ubiquitous connectivity, contexts and ontologies have become a relevant notion also in other, more recent, disciplines. Many application areas such as, information integration, distributed knowledge management, semantic web, multi-agent systems, distributed reasoning, data grid and grid computing, pervasive computing and ambient intelligence as well as peer-to-peer information management systems, have acknowledged the need of methods to represent and reason about knowledge which is scattered in a large set of contexts and ontologies.

During the last decade, there has been a line of successful series of workshops and conferences on the development and application of contexts and ontologies. Two successful workshops that have focused on combining the themes of ontologies, contexts, and contextual reasoning, and have discussed them as complementary disciplines are Contexts and Ontologies: Theory, Practice and Applications (C&O) and Context Representation and Reasoning (CRR). This workshop is a merge these two pervious series of workshops into the “Contexts and Ontologies: Representation and Reasoning (C&O:RR)” workshop. It aims at keeping the focus of the C&O workshop on combination of contexts and ontologies and at emphasizing the representation and reasoning aspects of research in the field of context and ontology that was the peculiarity of the CRR workshop. The C&O:RR workshop is open to technical areas of interest between contexts and ontologies, with anticipated focus on:

  • approaches to semantic heterogeneity that utilize multiple contexts and ontologies;
  • analysis and understanding of technical problems related to combination of contexts and ontologies from the knowledge representation and reasoning perspective.


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