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I'm a researcher in the field of Open Data for the Latin American Open Data Initiative (ILDA) and the Polytechnic Faculty of National University of Asunción - Paraguay, where I also give a Lecture on Open Data for the Informatics Engineering degree. I'm also a consultant for the Democracy and Governance Program for the Paraguayan Government funded by USAID and implemented by CEAMSO. I'm involved in Open Data standards for the Open Data working group for the Open Government Partnership and for the Paraguayan government.

I received my Phd in Informatics in the topic of Distributed Identity Management from the University of Trento -Italy and my Informatics Engineering degree at the National University of Asunción in Paraguay.

My major research interests include Open data and knowledge management, with special interest on how semantic technologies can be practically applied in Open Government Data initiatives for addressing interoperability issues, including areas such as entity identification, entity compatibility and matching, semantic matching and trust and reputation models. I collaborate as chair for the the Agriculture, Food and Environment track (AgroSEM'13) at the Metadata and Semantics Research Conference (MTSR2013). I usually collaborate as program committee for several CLEI conferences.

One particular area of interest is the use of open data in the field of study of Dengue. With a team of students, we are working on a prototype for using standardize dengue data in an interactive open source tool for analyzing dengue outbreaks.

I collaborated in the past with the Open Data Trentino project where we are working in a tool aimed at converting semi-automatically 3 stars Open Data into 5 stars Open Data following Tim Berners-Lee 5 stars raking system for Linked Open Data. The tool is called OpenDataRise. I recently gave a tutorial about Open Government Data.

I was in charge of the directory track on the Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative in 2008, 2009 and 2010 and I am one of the contributing authors of S-Match an open-source semantic matching system.

I actively contributed to the EU funded OpenKnowledge project in the area of semantic matching and to the Insemtives project in the areas of semantic annotations models and semantic disambiguation in Folksonomies and their evolution in time.

My hobbies are trekking, photos (especially panoramas) and cooking (especially eating). Not to forget that I really like tereré, which is considered one of the most tipycal drinks in Paraguay.

If you want to contact me, please feel free to send me an email at send me an email

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