Luigi Palopoli


Associate Professor
Dipartimento di scienza e ingegneria dell'informazione (DISI)
University of Trento
Curriculum Vitae (updated March 2018)
Publication List (updated March 2018)


  • Postdoc position available in the context of the DALi European project. Please read the call and contact me if interested

Research interests

  • Design of Embedded Real-Time Systems

  • QoS control

  • Optimization problems for Wireless Sensor Networks.

Selected recent publications

  • [Design of Embedded Real-Time Systems] A. Cimatti, L. Palopoli, Y. Ramadian. "Symbolic Computation of Schedulability Regions Using Parametric Timed Automata" download, bibtex

  • [QoS Control] L. Palopoli and L. Abeni, "Legacy Real-Time Applications in a Reservation-Based System", download,

  • [Optimization problems for Wireless Sensor Networks],Luigi Palopoli, Roberto Passerone, Amy L. Murphy, Gian Pietro Picco, Alessandro Giusti: "Solving the Wake-Up Scattering Problem Optimally". download. bibtex

  • [Anytime control]A. Quagli, D. Fontanelli, L. Greco, L. Palopoli and A. Bicchi: "Designing Real-Time Embedded Controllers using the Anytime Computing Paradigm", 14th IEEE Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA2009) BEST PAPER AWARD, Download. bibtex

  • [Scheduling of legacy applications] Cucinotta, T., Checconi, F., Abeni, L., and Palopoli, L. 2010. "Self-tuning schedulers for legacy real-time applications." In Proceedings of the 5th European Conference on Computer Systems (Paris, France, April 13 - 16, 2010). EuroSys '10. ACM, New York, NY, 55-68. DOI= Download. bibtex

  • [Probabilistic Guarantees] L. Palopoli, D. Fontanelli, N. Manica, L. Abeni, "An analytical bound for probabilistic deadlines", Proc. of Euromicro Conference on Real--time Systems, ECRTS 2012 Download bibtex


  • Internet: palopoli at disi dot unitn dot it.

  • Address: Via Sommarive 9, 38123, Povo Di Trento (TN)

  • Office/Fax: +39 0461 283967/2093.