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My research goal is to improve security of programs via programming language technology. To this end, I am interested in programming language semantics, type theory, logic, and techniques to prove properties of programs.

When I was a PhD student, my research focused on the usage of the secure multi-execution technique on constructing enforcement mechanisms of information flow policies and security policies that can be enforced by this technique.


PhD Thesis

Available here

Something more about me

I did my PhD at the University of Trento under the supervision of Fabio Massacci. Before coming to Trento for my PhD, I worked 3 years at the Falcuty of Computer Science and Engineering, Ho Chi Minh City Univerty of Technology as an assistant lecturer. Before that, I worked 2 years in Global CyberSoft Inc. as a programmer.

Contact Information

Minh Ngo
Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science (DISI)
University of Trento,
Via Sommarive 9, 38123, Povo, Trento, Italy.
E-mail: ngo AT disi.unitn.it