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Logical Cryptanalysis Strikes Back!

A landmark paper has found a way to generate full collisions with SHA-1, one of the most used hash algorithm:. In the paper they used logical cryptanalysis applied to hash function as a key component of the differential path search (my italic):
[...]all these attempts led to results that not only were unsatisfactory but that even threatened the feasibility of the second near-collision attack.[...] Our final solution was to encode this problem into a satisfiability (SAT) problem and use a SAT solver to find a drop-in replacement differential path over the first eight steps that is solvable.
More specifically, we adapted the SHA-1 SAT system generator from Nossum.
Vegard Nossum has been a student at the University of Oslo I co-supervised and the work of his at the basis of the collision is well described in his thesis

I have very pleased that Vegard's work is a critical component of this (much larger) endeavor. When we (myself and my master student Laura Marraro) first invented logical cryptanalysis in 1999 (see our Journal of Automated Reasoning paper here and at the publisher) the traditional comment from crypto people was "for ever useless"... well, in this case it is true that nothing is for ever...

Chapeau to Marc, Elie, their team and, last but not least, Vegard.


Research Interests (See the Security Group's wiki)

My present working topics are My h-index was >= 30 according to Google Scholar and >= 13 according to Scopus. My Erdös number is 3 .

Past Research

  • Modelling Security Requirements Engineering (Now I do experiments on SRE)
  • Security-by-Contract for Mobile and Smart Card
  • Practical Enforcement of Information Flow Properties
  • Logical Cryptanalysis or Crypto with SAT for representing crypto-problems as logical problems.
  • Cryptographic Protocol Verification
  • Modal and Description Logics


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    I have been also involved in the sector of International Voluntary Service Organizations.

    In these days, you might be interested in reading an essay written for a post-degree Foreign Relations course by the Italian Minister of Forein Affairs I followed in 1995 (once upon a time I won the competition to become U.N. officer). I advocated a different relationship between Western Democracies and Militant Islam, rather than funding conservative islamist leaders (like Saddam Hussein or Saudi princes) to bash communists. History proved me right. Download it in Postscript.

    You can also see my wife (Beatrice De Blasi or also here) web page. I met her while a volunteer for the italian branch of Service Civil international.


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