Vincenzo Maltese
Maltese Vincenzo (Post-doc) University of Trento

"Only those who are so crazy to believe to be able to change the world, really do it" [A. Einstein]

Try to fly!!! Do not waste your time!

Once upon a time a man found an eagle egg. He put it in the nest of a broody hen. The egg hatched at the same time of the other ones of the brood. The little eagle grew up together with the other chicks.

All life long the eagle did all the chickens of the yard did, thinking to be one of them. He scratched around searching for worms and insects. He clucked and cackled. He shook his wings rising up from the ground only a bit.

A lot of years passed and the eagle got very old. A day he saw over him, in the cloudless sky, a beautiful bird flying in the strong wind, dignified and elegant, by moving his big and robust golden wings.

The old eagle looked up surprised and asked: "Who is him?". "He is the eagle, the king of all birds" replied his neighbour. "He belongs to the sky. We instead belong to the ground because we are chickens". So, the eagle lived and died as a chicken, because he thought to be one of them.

JULY 09, 2013

The paper "From Konwledge Organization to Knowledge Representation" nominated among the best 4 papers.

JAN 01, 2013

The FET IP project SmartSociety has started.

MAY 29, 2011

S-Match won inaugural ESWC 7 Years Award