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The goal of this course is to provide motivations, definitions and techinques in support of the usefulness of logic in the effective and efficient modeling of data and knowledge. The course will have succeeded if it stimulates the interested students to continue their career with higher interest into logic-based models for data and knowledge representation in their own field of expertise, and to produce computer-processable solutions of relevant problems.

COURSE EDITIONS (click on the edition to go the website):

Mathematical logic:

* 2014 (Fall) - active from 16th September!
* 2013 (Fall)
* 2013 (Spring)
* 2012 (Spring)
* 2011 (Spring)
* 2010 (Spring)

Logics fod Data and Knowledge Representation:

* 2014 (Fall) - active from 15th September!
* 2013 (Fall)
* 2012 (Fall)
* 2011 (Fall)
* 2010 (Fall)
* 2009
* 2008


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