How it all started...

Before my PhD [actually before and during my Master] I worked as a Publication Manager for 5 scientific journal in physics.
During those 4 years I have expanded my experience with TeX and LaTeX, and I learned firsthand how vast the publishing world is. LaTeX classes, editors & referees, stylistic rules for typesetting (tables, equations, ...), Word2LaTeX converter, articles review process, DOIs, font technicalities, XML, citations styles, publishers, dvips -Ppdf -t a4 $i.dvi & ps2pdf, PDF Preflight report, equations alignment rules, ...

At the moment, despite my very full-time PhD, I am still a (very) part-time LaTeX typesetter for the journals.

My two personal bibles are the Chicago Manual of Style (fifteenth edition) and the everlasting TeX book by Donald Knuth.

My interests

I consider myself as a LaTeX GiRl ;-)
So if you're interested in discussing LaTeX-related topics or stylistic dilemmas for your articles, feel free to contact me. My Chicago Manual of Style is always (somewhere) on my desk :-)

In general, I am interested in any technical or stylistic issues related to the world of scientific publishing. For example:

  • text style (e.g. should 'i.e.' be italic? What is the usage of the different type of dashes?)
  • equation style (e.g. what is the less horrible way to display this equation with this environment?)
  • LaTeX issues (e.g. why the figures of my paper are placed where I don't want them to be? how can I gain some space in a page?)
  • LaTeX tips and tricks (I should write a page about it)
  • bibliographical issue (e.g. what is a reference? how should I properly cite that work? why is it not a reference? how do I customize by .bst file?)

FYI: if you (just) dunno how to use a specific LaTeX class/package, do like I do: read the documentation and google for examples ;-)