About me

I am a PhD Student in Computer Science at University of Trento (Italy), where I work under the supervision of Prof. John Mylopoulos.

My research is funded by the Lucretius ERC Project and focuses on regulatory compliance for requirement engineering.

At the moment in this website you can find my publication list.
I'll put more information as soon as I have some spare time from attending+teaching classes, finishing projects, preparing presentations, doing research, and writing papers :-p

My research interests are conceptual modeling, regulatory compliance, analysis of legal requirements, requirement engineering.


PC member for Posters & Demos at RE'13 co-chair for Student Volunteers at RE'13

DKE paper

My interests LaTeX? interest, and stylistical issues wrt typesetting.

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Some documents? i work on can be found here. Some resultsEHR-HF? i work on can be found here.

I hold a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Trieste where I graduated in 2005. My thesis work was on routing algorithms for ad-hoc wireless network, and it was supervised by Dott. Flaminia Luccio (now at University of Venice). After working for a couple of years, I obtained my MSs in Computer Science in Computer Science in 2011 from University of Trento.