Implicit Culture

  What is Implicit Culture

    An agent which operates in an environment with poor knowledge behaves suboptimally. If a group of agents act in the same environment, information about their actions can be used to improve the knowledge and the behavior of each agent. The problem can be solved by providing knowledge or learning capabilities to the agent, but in some domain the knowledge description can be very hard and learning from behavior observations requires a more complex agent.
    Our approach is to make the agent behave as a member of the group would do, i.e. as he/she implicitly belongs to the same "culture", without extra-effort or direct interaction. We introduce the concept of Implicit Culture and propose a general architecture for Systems for Implicit Culture Support. The main component takes as input the current agent's behavior and a set of past actions performed by the group and suggest actions coherently. These "cultural actions" are representative of the behavior of the group's members and suggested in an implicit way, namely the overall process does not require to be known by the agents.
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