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I have done research in many different (but very related!) areas. Some keywords which could be used to describe my work are (in decreasing order of generality): Artificial Intelligence, Formal Methods, Software Engineering (to some extent), automated reasoning, theorem proving, model checking, planning, contexts and contextual reasoning (and logics for modeling it), abstract reasoning, meta-theoretic reasoning, reasoning about propositional attitudes (belief mainly), integration of reasoning systems, agents and agent oriented software engineering, Peer-to- Peer data bases, knowledge management, contextual ontologies, "diversity in knowledge management", ...

I have also contributed to the development of various software systems. In particular, I lead and developed in part the implementation of the GETFOL system, a complete reimplementation of Richard Weyhrauch FOL system (see GETFOL Manual for a description of the system). I have started and led in the first phase the implementation of the NuSMV model checker, now gone Open Source.

Finally, I have participated to many technology transfer or consulting projects with private companies and public bodies; a small part of this work is described in my publications.

My current interests go in two directions:

• From a scientific point of view, I am still very much interested in the notion of context. My recent focus is the study of how its can be used to manage data, content and knowledge in the large in real world applications. My reference application domain is a peer-to-peer enabled (Semantic) Web, while I guess a good title for my current research is Managing diversity in knowledge. Some relevant material can be found in my group Web Site.

• In the last few years, I have become very interested in the issue of the impact of Technology, and Computer Science in particular, on organizations, people and society. I got involved in this not so much as a research exercise but as a consequence of some managerial positions I have taken, mainly related to my Academic role at the University of Trento. Although I have never published any scientific paper on these issues, I have written various documents (mostly in Italian) which I believe are of some interest. In case you are interested, look at my web page on Information Technology and Innovation.

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