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Online Presentations

• "C-OWL: contextualizing ontologies". International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC), Miami, October 2003

• "Semantic Matching". The Italian-Israeli Forum on Computer Science, Haifa, June 17-18, 2003

• "Formal Methods and Model Checking". Magisterial lecture at the AILA Summer School on Logic, Cesena, Italy, September, 2002

• "Making Peer Databases Interact - A Vision for an Architecture Supporting Data Coordination". Invited talk at 6th International Workshop on Cooperative Information Agents CIA-2002, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain, September 18 - 20, 2002

• "Coordinating Peer-to-Peer information sources". Invited talk at the Agent Oriented Information Systems (AOIS'02), Conference, Toronto, May 2002

• Two talks on the "planning as model checking" approach:

The first, entitled "Planning as Model Checking" (ZIP File) was Fausto Giunchiglia's invited talk at the 1999 European Conference on Planning (ECP'99), Durham University (UK), September 1999. This talk provides a very simple introduction to the approach and to the technical framework

The second, entitled "Planning as Model Checking" (ZIP File) was a joint talk (see slides for authors) given in IRST in 2001. This talk provides a good formula free informal description of the general approach and of some recent results

• "A Knowledge Level Software Engineering Methodology for Agent Oriented Programming: The Tropos framwork" (ZIP File). Invited talk at ATAL-2001, Eighth International Workshop on Agent Theories, Architectures, and Languages, Seattle, USA, August 1-3, 2001

• Talk at Stanford-Trento worldwide seminar, "Local Models Semantics, or Contextual Reasoning = Locality + Compatibility" (ZIP File)

• "Multiagent Model Checking" (ZIP File). Invited talk at FORTE/PSTV 2000 - International Conference on Formal Description Techniques for Distributed Systems and Communication Protocols, Firenze (Italy), 10-13 October 2000 (bias towards security protocols); and ETAPS Workshop on Models and Methods of Analysis for Agent Based Systems, Genoa, Italy, April 2001 (bias towards MultiAGent systems)

• Talk at Associazione Industriali del Trentino, entitled "Le esperienze dei cluster industriali hi-tech - Spunti di riferimento per il Trentino" (in italian) (ZIP File), February 5, 2002

• "Ricerca e sviluppo economico: verso un distretto dell’innovazione in Trentino" (in italian), June, 2003

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