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Introductory Research Papers

Introductory Research Papers

"" F. Giunchiglia, P. Traverso, "Theorem Proving in Technology Transfer: the user's point of view". In Software Tools for Technology Transfer, Special Issue on Mechanized Theorem Proving for Technology Transfer, vol. 3(1):1-12, Springer-Verlag, 2000.
This paper describes the problems and difficulties which arise when trying to apply theorem proving technology (and, to some extent, also model checking) in industry supported technology transfer problems ... from the user/ customer point of view.
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""F. Giunchiglia, "Contextual reasoning". In Epistemologia, special issue on "I Linguaggi e le Macchine", vol. XVI, pages 345-364, Tilgher-Genova, Italy, 1993.
This paper describes the relation between contextual reasoning and commonsense reasoning. To some extent, it might be considered the manifesto of all my work on this topic.
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""F. Giunchiglia, "An epistemological science of common sense". Artificial Intelligence, vol. 77(2):371-392, Elsevier, 1995.
This paper critically discusses John McCarthy contributions to Artificial Intelligence, with a focus on the papers in the collection by V. Lifschitz (editor) Formalization of common sense: papers by John McCarthy, Ablex, 1990. It provides an overview of the Artificial Intelligence program as it was thought in the early days and also, in the last part, some hints of where the field should go.
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""F. Giunchiglia, A. Villafiorita, T. Walsh, "Theories of Abstraction". AI Communications, vol. 10(3,4):167:176, IOS Press, 1997.
This paper provides a description of the state of the art in the various theories of abstraction developed in Artificial Intelligence up to 1997.
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""F. Giunchiglia, "Using Abstrips Abstractions - Where do we stand?". Artificial Intelligence Review, vol. 13:201-213, Kluwer, 1999.
This paper gives and informal account of the use of Abstrips abstractions in search and suggests hints of how this area should be developed.
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""F. Giunchiglia, P. Traverso, "Planning as Model Checking", invited talk. In Proceedings ECP'99, Fifth European Conference on Planning, Durham, UK, September 1999.
This paper provides an introduction to the theory underlying the planning as model checking paradigm.
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