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Scientific Organizations

• Member of the Informatics Europe steering Committee in charge of the evaluation of Departments and Research Institutes in Europe, 2010 - presente

• Membro della Giunta del Gruppo di Ingegneria Informatica (GII), associazione dei docenti di Ingegneria Informatica delle Università Italiane, 2010 - presente

• President of the Board of Trustees of IJCAI, 2005-2007

• Steering Committee Member and Vice-President (Europe) of the Asian Semantic Web Conference Series (ASWC), 2005 - 2009

• Member of the European Coordinating Committee on Artificial Intelligence (ECCAI) Fellows Selection Committee, 2004-2006

• Fellow of the European Coordinating Committee on Artificial Intelligence (ECCAI), 2002-present

• IJCAI Board of Trustees member, 2001-2011.

• President of KR, Inc., 2002-2004.

• Board of Trustees member of the CALCULEMUS Interest Group, 1999-2001.

• Steering Committee member of the Symposium on Abstraction, Reformulation and Approximation (SARA), 1999-present.

• Organizing Committee member of the IEEE Conf. on Logic in Computer Science (LICS), 1997-2003.

• Advisory Board member of KR, Inc., 1997-2005.

• Steering Committee member of the Int. and Interdisciplinary onf. on Modeling and Using Context (CONTEXT), 1999-2011.

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