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  DISI - Dipartimento di Ingegneria e Scienza dell'Informazione

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SAT semantic matching ontology semantic heterogeneity NuSMV classifications taxonomy peer-to-peer C-OWL open knowledge diversity in knowledge good enough answers context logics abstraction abstract reasoning semantic web multiple languages agent oriented knowledge management knowledge representation context adaptive knowledge software engineering model checking

The Knowledge Diversity (KnowDive) Group at Trento

Alcune idee circa l'innovazione e l'innovazione sociale

Join us in our People and Start-Up acceleration program

Design Thinking Center on ICT for Quality of Life

KnowDive open positions

Feature talks:

Managing diversity in Knowledge
The future of AI: a few insights into the possible futures of Artificial Intelligence

Active projects:

» Our open source project on semantic matching
» Smart Society Project
» Trentino as a lab Innovation as the way of being, thinking and evolving (video)
» Relation Based Access Control (RelBAC)
» Cubrik

Selected recent past projects:

» Glocal: Event-Based Retrieval of Networked Media
» The Social Computer - Internet-Scale Human problem solving

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