EJADE is an Eclipse plug-in that helps JADE, JADEX agent developers to launch agent platform, i.e. JADE or JADEX, and to deploy agents. The plug-in takes care of Java classpaths, JADEX adapter mechanism, etc. Moreover, it bridges JADE Java agents or JADEX XML agent specifications to Eclipse debugging framework, making debugging agents just like debugging any Java classes: inspecting run-time values of variables, stepping java code, and much more.
  • Deploy JADE/JADEX agents, just select (multiple selections allowed) Agent files anywhere in your project, right click and deploy them whenever you want. You DON'T need to care about classpath, user lib etc.
  • Debug JADE/JADEX agents. Similar to "deploy JADE/JADEX agents", just select, right click and choose EJADE debug.
  • Launch / shutdown JADE/JADEX RMA (and platform) in standalone mode.
  • Specify customized platform parameters: use EJADE preferences setting
EJADE is a non-profit and free software. You can download and use it the way you like.

EJADE is hosted in the web site of the University of Trento, but it has nothing related to the university (copyright, licence, responsibility)

Current version: 0.8.0, comes with JADE v3.6, JADEX v0.96

What's new?

  • Supports launching multiple clones of the same agent types
  • Saves launching configuration separately, with just one click user can re-launch desired agents directly from the Run button of Eclipse toolbar (down arrow)
  • Works with Eclipse 3.5
Last updated
June 2007

Question ? feel free to contact: cunduy AT fbk.eu