A tool for motivating participation to cultural events

Beatrice Valeri Beatrice Valeri Marcos Baez Fabio Casati

In this demonstration we show ComeAlong for museums, a novel application to motivate participation to cultural events organized by museums. Together with the list of events organized by the museum, ComeAlong allows people to easily share their intention to participate through their social network, spreading the word of mouth to all their friends. As this sharing may be perceived as a cost (e.g. privacy concerns), our application allows organisers to motivate users by offering incentives, such as gifts or discounts. ComeAlong has also a special attention to the social aspect of the event attendance. It keeps the users informed of the intentions and opinions of their friends and of the whole community that shares the same interest in the museum. Comments, ratings and intention to attend are collected and shown both to create the feeling of being part of a community and to motivate hesitant people to participate.