Gelee: Cooperative lifecycle management for (composite) artifacts

Marcos Baez Marcos Baez Cristhian Parra Fabio Casati Maurizio Marchese Florian Daniel Kasia di Meo Silvia Zobele Carlo Menapace Beatrice Valeri

In this demonstration we introduce Gelee, our online platform for the hosted specification and cooperative execution of lifecycles of artifacts of any kind. With Gelee we aim at filling two lacks we identify in current cooperative software systems when it comes to unstructured, artifact-based works (e.g., the writing of a project deliverable): the lack of state and the complete lack of automated actions. Lifecycles allow us to model the state of any object, and if we focus on online resources (e.g., a Google Doc) then we can also automate some lifecycle actions. If we apply Gelee to composite artifacts, e.g., a set of web services, lifecycles provide for the human-driven orchestration of services